Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Do or Die?

My doctor and the consultant both say I should excercise as much as I can. Walking will do.

So Monday night I walked the dogs. I have been without severe pain for a couple of days so I thought, right, now I shall go for a walk. I managed the walk, no pain, just weakness in my legs which although they didn't feel as they would, did get me home.

I felt rather pleased with myself.

However, I did feel very tired and retired early. I awoke needing a pee and felt completely exhausted and assumed I had been asleep for a couple of hours. In fact I had slept for 8 hours! I felt as tho I had run a marathon. I was too exhausted for most of yesterday to do anything except what was needed for the dogs.

I went back to bed at lunch time. Whilst there, I thought to myself that it was all well and good to exercise but not if it was going to exhaust me like this! What was the point of being healthier and living longer if I was too knackered to enjoy it? So I am not going to do as suggested anymore. I shall go for short walks around the block when I can, about 10-15mins. It is important for the dogs to get out, especially the young ones. I will always make sure they get socialized well. But as for the 30 mins twice a day suggested, no way!

I did feel better by evening time and I knit the back and two sleeves of a ladies baby pink cashmere sweater. I will finish it later today. I still feel tired and aching but nowhere near as bad.

Oh and before I knit, Nechung needs a bath. She will be happy. Not!


Anonymous said...

30 minutes twice a day??? I was told 20 minutes three times per week is a good amount of exercise. I know every doc is different, but an hour a day does sound like quite a bit, especially to start. Especially if you can't enjoy those precious new pups!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jill, I think the walking is a good idea, but please take it gradually!! Try start off at even 5 mins per day, and very slowly increase the time. Don't over do it, especially with all your health issues!

DJ said...

Don't give up, Colin. But as a fellow sufferer, I agree that you need to ease into your exercise program. I feel exactly the same way if I over-do and can sure understand your frustration and pain. And the experts are now saying that several short periods of exercise are just as good for us as the longer periods, maybe even better. I know its better for those of us who suffer with muscle and joint problems.
Take care,
DJ in SW MI USA, btw, love the pink sweater.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,
As usual, your garments are gorgeous and perfectly executed and the dogs a treat for the eyes! I don't *ever* post comments on blogs but felt I must today.
Please don't give up the exercise but as the previous comments suggest, ease into it. You will have more energy as your muscles adjust. You will not have pain as a result - your pain will ultimately be reduced as you improve tone and tendon support of joints. Getting in shape can really suck but once you attain a basic level, the exercise will be something you crave and you'll miss it on days you don't go get it! Plus it clears the mind for improved knitting probelm solving and creativity . . .
Stick with it and take care.
Nancy on Monterey Bay, California, USA