Thursday, November 02, 2006

Polo Neck

3x 1/15's knitted at tension 6(36sts and 56 rws to 10cm) on the fine gauge 830. It is 90% merino 10% cashmere. This is the first Polo neck I have made that fits the way I want it too-hugs the neck. I made the neck 17cm wide, 2cm deep at back and 7.5cm deep at front. It could not have been knitted smaller as this just goes over my head. The cast off is very loose.(This neck is called a Turtle neck in the USA I think. A polo to them is the collar of a Polo shirt.)


Anonymous said...

Need I say it's superb, as usual? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't feel original when I tell you that your new sweater is a beauty. But it is.

Anonymous said...

Lovely--and the color is delicious!:) --Pat & Paws

Anonymous said...

In America that collar style is definitely called a Turtle Neck.

There is however nothing called a Polo neck. The game and the shirt are the only things that are called Polo. Unless you're refering to the Ralph Lauren Brand of Clothes called Polo.


Anonymous said...

Love them both, Colin. The YAK and the purple cashmere blend. Very
very professional and perfect. You are the master :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Your fine knit sweater is beautiful. I love the color and the finish is
immaculate. Well done!