Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rowan's Tapestry

I saw this yarn in John Lewis on Wednesday. Lovely yarn and I was very tempted. I particularly liked the grey/charcoal mix one.

Then I saw a sweater made with it in the Rowan winter book. YUK! So glad I didn't buy the yarn. Knitted up, it just comes out as bogstandard stripes.

Perhaps they will decide to produce the same yarn in solid colours?


Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have John Lewis, in the UK... Here in France it's so difficult to find yarn, and generally speaking everything about sewing and knitting...

Anonymous said...

I was really lucky to get some half price from a little L.Y.S that found it wasn't selling.I agree it's nothing special knitted up but is soft and who can resist half-price !angie Cox.

Anonymous said...

Good to read that, I have been toying with the idea of buying some for a while. John Lewis is a constant danger for me when in the city ;-)
What do you think, as I have never seen it knitted, would it make a good pair of gloves maybe?
Oh yes, I should mention I toddled over from the Aranknit list.