Friday, May 12, 2006

Stash Enhancement

I have done very little since we got back from Munich, just what i ahve to do with the dogs and a little sock knitting. Am still too knackered and sore to do much else. I loved the trip. I will post pics of what we saw when i het the films develoiped. I use 'proper' film and camera when away.This is how far I have got with my new Aran design.
This is a beautful yarn. it feel swonderfully soft and drapes very well. A smooth, slinky yarn. I am not sure if I will HK it or MK it. I bought in Reims, France. 100% BAMBOO!!!
These are 70% wool and 30% silk. More socks!!!
This is 'trachtenwolle'. Made in Austria. Bought in Munich. Will knit a Bavarian waistcoat with it. Saw many people wearing such in Munich and Innsbrook.


Anonymous said...

What is HK or MK it?

Anonymous said...

Just checked out your blogspot. Your latest "Aran" sweater is a work of art!!! I would love to do something that complicated with cables (are they a blast, or what?!) but at this point in time with only a USM, I think I'd have a migraine by the 20th row. LOL
Hopefully someday when I upgrade to a fancier machine...
Also, I really enjoy the updates on the puppies. They are so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin: I have seen that bamboo yarn. I should really get a ball and try
it out just to see if I like it. I love the puppy pictures.

Anonymous said...

Kenny - hand knit or machine knit;

nice buys Colin! Hope you piced up some champagne as well whilst in Reims!


Anonymous said...

Missed you Colin, sorry you are having to pay for your holiday with pain and tiredness.
I look forward to hearing how you get on with the Bamboo. I like the Vegan-ness of it but haven't tried it yet. I have a dress that is made of a tree pulp fabric and it is the softest thing I own apart from Boo.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Wow Colin! LOVELY!!! Sorry you're tired out, but hope the trip was worth it:)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Aran! It is absolutely beautiful!
Have a question for you: Have you ever handknit anything in Mode Dea Ticker Tape (or any other ribbon-like yarn, for that matter)? If so, what? Last night I had the most amazing luck - bought some in the Monet colors for $1 per skein -Here in the States it goes for up to 6.99 per skein (Have no idea what that is in Euros - approximately 4.5 to 5 pounds UK?) Anyway, I thought I'd ask you if you had any idea of what to do with this - I bought plenty, LOL.
Glad you're back!
Joan in MD

Angie said...

Welcome back..lovely yarns.I particularly like the sock yarns .