Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Improved Sock

This is what i did: I cast on with 3.5mm over 72 sts using continental cast on. I knit 24 rows with 2mm needles in 2x2 rib. i changed to 2.25mm and knit 2 rows, increased 4 sts in round 3, knit 4 rounds and increased 4sts evenly. Now 80 sts and knit to row 60. Did Sherman Heel, leaving 16sts at pivot row. Finished heel and knit 66 rows before I started to decrease 4 sts each round, first with 3 rows between, 3 times, then 2 rows between twice and then every other row till 22 sts remained, turned inside out and did a 3 needle bind off.

This is my best fitting sock. The yarn is Opal 70% wool 30% silk.


Lisa said...

Very nice looking sock, Colin! i am going to try the Sherman heel on the pair I am currently working on. It looks really nice.

I loved your story about your trip to the US and Canada. Being an American living in England, I can see both sides and it is very funny to see it through a Brit's eyes.

Anonymous said...

Your sock is absolutely gorgeous Colin!

Celia said...

Thx Colin for info on Sherman heel. sry not replied b4 but am having probelms with my gmail account. Love the socks and the puppies