Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cashmere / Nylon

Knitted with 80% Cashmere 20% Nylon 2x 2/26 yarn. Tension 4* on the Silver reed 830(fine gauge). This is fully machine washable and tumble driable. No shrinking. Feels beautifully soft. The colour is not that well represented here, but is a pale, pastel lime.

The width is 56cm(22") in total, length is 51 cm(20") with sleeve from shoulder to cuff end is 53cm (almost 21").

Double stocking stitch neckline, joined on the machine.
Fully fashioned sleeve head and body shaping. I moved sts 4 and 5 from out outer edge onto needles 6 and 7 and then moved the 3 edge stitches in by two sts.
A shallow 2 x2 rib on hem and suffs. Tension 1/1. 17 rows.( I start knitting rib from left after cast on and 2 cric rows, ending on left. My final row, rwo 17, is knit at MT which makes it easier and neater when transfering back to MB.)


Anonymous said...

your cashmere sweaters is beautiful as always you do such nice work
i hope to have your talent someday :)
Sheila In Missouri

Anonymous said...

Oh that color is to die for. Beautiful sweater.

Fran said...

Colin, the sweater is beautiful but all your knitting is. This is the first I've heard of the cashmere/nylon blend, I am asuming the nylon helps to stabilize the cashmere. Am I right on that or do you still get the shrinkage?

lynne said...

Hi Colin: That color is superb! Very much in style right now, too. The neckline is really, really great. How is Charlie?

colin said...

Charlie is doing fine, thank you. Still asleep.

Anonymous said...

Dont know if you got my note as I got a bit confused anyway loved the sleeve on your lovely sweater would love to know how to do it like that could you let me know how you figure it out. I have a program but it is the usual cap sleeve, used to work in the knitting mill in Scotland that was ages ago and that is how we done our sleeve, sorry to say was not to interested in it had other things to do, was on piece work to.