Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bleedin' Bamboo

First of all, I hate the way the shop wound off the bamboo yarn. A bit difficult to wind ready for use. I managed.

I also gave up with my electric winder by Hague. Damn things are far too temperamental. I found an old hand winder and it was fast and gave a neat cone for using.

I tried it on the Brother standard and even at highest tension, it was too tight. I then tried it with the GC. This was a good tension and looked good but the GC doesn't like it and kept dropping sts.

Finally, I had no choice but hand knit it. I am knitting it in rice stitch which gives a nice texture and a good drape. One row knit, 1 row of K1tbl , P1. Easy to do. Main body is on 3.25mm Rosewood circs. I cast on continental with 3.5mm. I then knit 2 rows in pattern with 2.5mm Addi's and then 4 rows with 2.75 Inox, 4 rows with 3mm Addi's and then continue with the 3.25mm Rosewoods.

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Angie said...

Bamboo yarn and rice stitch ..if you notice any fat black and white bear like guys looking in don't let them in Colin.The laziest animal on earth seems to have started raiding flats rather than all the bother of searching out it's own food.It is probably expensive to fly from China but all these imports a nice spot in a crate to sleep who knows?