Tuesday, July 27, 2010


On Sunday, I had a run-in with a really nasty piece of work at the supermarket. this woman started shouting the odds because she wrongly assumed I was about to park illegally in a disabled bay.  She would not listen to reason.  Later in the shop.  She was still going off even know I was in my wheelchair, and she tried to prevent me moving and sat on me! I had pushed her off and reversed and left the shop because otherwise I would have lost it.

Later that night I had disturbed sleep, and yesterday I kept having flashbacks to my childhood.  It really f*cking annoys me that I can still so easily be transported back.  Still I feel much better today.

dr martens 005 dr martens 004 001 002 dr martens 002 dr martens 003 spock 003 The cat belongs to a friend of mine. Isn’t he gorgeous? The photograph of me is how I dress for the show at Leeds on Saturday past. my next show is not until 15 August.  I have missed two shows out.  I can do with it not being so hectic!

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