Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moaning Minnie

I'm afraid it's been one of those days I had a bad night due to the pain in my hips and my ribs and the pain in my hips has lasted all day.  I did not go swimming, and I feel somewhat tired today.  I do plan to swim in the morning.

Mary Grace is such a clever little girl.  She already gives her paw on command, one at a time.  I taught her inadvertently.  She gave it to me once and I took it and praised her and that was all it took .  She does it whenever she is asked.

All three puppies are lead trained,  and happily trot along with the lead on.  I have to say that these puppies are the nicest sweetest temperaments I've ever had.  They are very like their father, and they have also inherited his penchant for speaking to you.  Whitney they're older half sister also speaks.  And by this I mean, they howl and make strange noises.  When they are pleased to see you and when it's dinner time, they throw their heads back and howl.  It is a special howl.  It's not like a coyote howl.

I have been busy dealing with the hanks that I have died, and putting them in my shop.  I really rather pleased with this lot of dying and I am itching to do more despite the fact that I have got rather a lot already done!  I have kept one hank back for  myself because I really liked it.  I have already got halfway up the foot of one sock using it.

The weather is crap.  It has been very windy chilly rainy and dull, although right now when I look out, it is still breezy, but the sun has finally come out and the clouds have all but disappeared.

Neither Edna nor Carly have come into season yet, but I'm expecting one of them to do so shortly. The atmosphere here has changed  Carly is being over affectionate, and the girls are being a bit stroppy with each other.

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