Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I cannot say that I feel particularly fatigued, but I have felt rather tired. I have been sleeping at night and also having a two-hour nap in the afternoon. I am going to go swimming this morning.I might even bath dogs later today.

I am still shocked by what happened with the old bag in the supermarket on Sunday.  I am astonished by such behaviour.  I also get annoyed with myself because I don’t find such things easy to brush off.

I have also discovered that my feelings regarding a particular show were correct.  There is a close friendship between the judge and the winner.  I cannot be any more specific. I also looked at past judging records, which speak for themselves.  The arrogance of such behaviour! Taking the rest of us for fools.  I am never upset when beaten honestly though it is very difficult to feel magnanimous in defeat, when one knows one never stood a chance in the first place! It is such a shame that people behave in this manner.  We pay a lot of money to enter the shows and the least the judge can do is have respect for us.  No doubt they have rationalised their behaviour so will not recognise themselves in such comments as this!

My puppies are really quite delightful. They were 11 weeks old yesterday. Hopefully Mary Grace will one day be in the show ring.

My next show is Bournemouth, on 18 August.  I have yet to be certain that I’m going.  After that.  It’s the Welsh Kennel Club show on the 22nd. I think my next one after that will be Darlington.


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