Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have done a huge amount of dyeing.  Mainly because I was trying to get a particular colourway to look right, but also because I have been experimenting with different ways of putting the dye on.  I now have an awful lot of work to do because I need to rewind them into balls and then in to hanks.

I have a beautiful cashmere and silk sweater half done on the silver reed knitting machine fine gauge.  This is the John and is in three shades of grey.  This has to be my favourite yarn ever.  It is strong and machine washable and slinky soft.

None of the girls are in season yet, but judging from the way they are behaving either Carly or Edna is about to come in.  I think it is Carly because she also is not eating that well and is just behaving rather oddly.  She is normally an affectionate girl but she is over affectionate, right now.

I am reading my first Stephen King novel for years.  This one is called Under The Dome.  It is another mammoth read rather like The Stand, which I enjoyed very much when it first came out.  I have enjoyed many of his novels, but I think he became too long-winded.  Or maybe I just got bored with that sort of story.

It is excellent news that the oil spill in the golf appears to have been stopped.

The difference in the weather is amazing.  It has gone from very sunny and an extremely hot and humid to cloudy and breezy and cool!

I am really looking forward to our trip to Dresden in Germany.  I know this was a far better choice for us than Barcelona.  Assuming of course that there is no heat wave!  Even if there is, I doubt very much that it will be between 35 and 40, which is what it's likely to be in Barcelona.

The puppies are nine weeks old today and they are going to their first vaccination this afternoon.  All the puppies that had over the years, these have to be the nicest tempered I've ever had.  I've never produced bad tempers , but these three are especially a bold and friendly.  They also talk just like Luque and Whitney do!  Luque is definitely a dominant sire.  I am very pleased with Mary Grace.  She is built very well moves very well and has a lovely attitude.  Unfortunately, she also has mis-coloured fleck in one eye.  I think this would preclude her from being shown, but we honestly is far too well-made, to not at least have a litter from her when she's old enough.

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