Sunday, July 04, 2010


It looks as if we shall go to Germany instead of Barcelona for our holiday.  I realised from the way that the heat affects both John and I that Barcelona in their hottest month of August, was not a good idea. We will go to Barcelona March - April time next year, when it will be cooler.

We will probably be going to Dresden, Nuremberg, and then onto Mannheim, where we will stay for a few days and visit with our friends Lia and Lui, as well as visit surrounding areas.

Good friends of ours bought an Apso from us seven years ago.  They have two sons that are now adult, and they have left home.  They have been sharing, Vienna, between the two homes!  I have decided to give them the gold and white boy from this letter.  Now the boys have their own dog.  Coincidentally, they have decided to call him Luque not realising that that is what his father is called.  I also didn't know that Luque is the name of a well-known footballer!

I am doing a service at Bradwell on the Norfolk coast this evening.  I will leave here at about 4:30 as it is 90 miles away.

It looks as though Mary Grace is going to be another howler.  Luque and Whitney, his daughter, both howl when they are excited.  They both talk as well, they are quite vocal dogs.  They are not barkers.  So I am not saying they are noisy dogs trust that they are very expressive.

It is a beautiful clear sunny day outside.  Not as warm as it has been and there is quite a breeze going.

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