Friday, July 30, 2010


I have been checking out the girl’s fannies for the weeks, more so than usual, because I am expecting them to come into season.  Whitney is not due until the end of August that Edna and Carly had yet to have their second season so I have no idea when to expect it.  However, judging from the behaviour of the girls over the last few weeks I know that is one of them is coming in.  When I checked Carly today I think it might well be her.  If so I shall be pleased because the timing is just right.

I was very disappointed to discover recently that going and giving talks and demonstrations leaves me just as fatigued and pain filled the day after as dog shows do. Pish! This of course means that any ambitions I had to work more frequently and further afield are unrealistic.

Perhaps just the way that I communicate on the Internet via my blog and on Facebook and/or e-mail and just with the people I meet, I can be spreading what I have learned.  My life has changed so dramatically that I really want to share how.  It is not something that one can just write about once and that is it.  Changing one’s beliefs about oneself, about one’s past, and about the world one lives in, takes time.  Often, just like I did, one needs to read the same message over and over and over in many different ways before it begins to sink in.

It is possible that I only thing this in order to cheer myself up!  I do find it odd that I have this gift to share (mediumship) but my body does not allow me to do so very often.  I had been forewarned that my pathway was going to change and that I would work in a different manner. I have only just come to realise how my body dictates what I am able to do.  I have yet to understand how my work will continue or even if it will.  It would seem to me to be such a waste if there was not some way I could talk and demonstrate more than occasionally to 20 people.  I guess the powers that be will guide me however I need to be guided.  In other words this is not down to me and I will have to go with the flow.

I am really looking forward to our trip to Dresden in Germany.  Germany is a beautiful country and as I have said many times its treatment of the handicapped is excellent.I barely have any access issues.The people themselves are friendly and polite and they do not patronise me. They do not assume that because I am in a wheelchair I am a dribbling idiot.  They speak to me not to John if it is me they are asking something of.  They do not pretend that I am invisible.

One of the reasons I really enjoy going away is that I get a break from having to do the day-to-day things.  It is nice not to have to deal with the dogs and it is extremely nice not to have to cook for myself!  It took me a long while to realise that this was one of the main things I liked about being away.  It is nice to be taken care of.


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