Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I took the puppies to be micro-chipped today.  My friend who did it was also at Windsor show last Friday.  He shared something with me, that made him very angry.

He had overheard two women in my breed speaking about me.  One of them was saying ' there's nothing wrong with him, you know, he just does that for sympathy'!!!!!!

Well my friend was rather incensed by this and told them exactly what he thought of them.  He also has similar problems, so he understands.

I find it amusing that somebody would be so unintelligent, and so twisted by jealousy, that they would say such a thing!  I go through an awful lot of inconvenience and expense just to get a bit of sympathy.  I ought to feel complimented, because obviously if I can fool, a neurologist, a rheumatologist, an orthopaedic surgeon and an x-ray machine, and a regular GP  I must be f'ing good!

I guess this means that some people are getting pissed off at Witney winning so well!

I also did my swim this morning but other than take the puppies for their chipping.  I have done nothing much else, I feel as though somebody has pulled the plug on me!  No energy at all.

All say aaarrrhhh.... poor thing.....

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