Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is disappointing to note that several of my favourite bloggers appear to have stopped blogging.  I do hope that they resume.

I have not done anything that is different recently.  I have been really into the dyeing and I'm pleased to say that my yarns have been selling well.  I really do enjoy doing it and I have discovered that on the days when I am feeling particularly bad, if I go and do some dyeing, I soon feel better.  I have an unusual looking metal chair that is fully height adjustable that I use  for grooming dogs, and now I also use it for dyeing.  I find that the pain, even with the morphine gets quite intense when I'm dyeing.

I have been asked by an American publication if I will provide designs for men's knitwear.  These will be for machine knitting.  I have yet to commit myself.

I am in the middle of a cashmere and silk machine knit sweater for John, I am still handed him my Aron.  Just a few rows here and there.  I also have a couple of pairs of socks on the needles.

I am very pleased with my puppies.  Their temperaments are excellent.  Mary Grace is very promising as regards show quality.  Tucker and Jackson are not show quality puppies, but they will make delightful pets.  They are intelligent and affectionate.  They were very easy to lead train.  I sometimes wish I could keep every puppy I breed!

I am looking forward to our trip to Dresden in Germany.  Germany is such a beautiful country and there will be plenty to see and do both on the drive there and during our stay.  Although we have been to Edinburgh, in Jeeves, this'll be the first really long trip in him.  I will take Big Daniel with us, not Little Daniel, as Big Daniel is much more suited for roaming around towns and villages.  Big Daniel is more robust.

If I have not said so before.  Germany is excellent for the disabled traveller.  Not only are there  plenty of facilities, but the people themselves are very kind and helpful without being at all patronising.  I am not ignored, and I'm not spoken to like I am an imbecile.  Here they are much more likely to speak with John than they are with me if I'm in a wheelchair!  Here, they tend to think that people in wheelchairs are dribbling idiots!  I have absolutely no idea what has happened in the UK that we seem to have lost all sense of respect and politeness.  Unless you should think this is a problem of the young.  I am here to inform you that actually the most polite and helpful are the yarn.  It is the older generation 50s and up that are terrible.

I have been invited to judge Lhasa Apso for the first time at a dog show next year.

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