Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I am rather astonished at how angry the Americans who are on the far right manage to make me feel. I have tried hard not to be and I have tried hard to understand them. I find I just cannot. Their hatred of their country and of their president just astounds me. They cannot see how crazy they are. And I really do mean crazy. Paranoid. They sound just like these people who insist that we are all being abducted by aliens every night or that every kindergarten is a nest of Satanic abuse. Yes, they really do sound just like that. It is very frightening to realise just how many seemingly normal people are truly dangerous. The world has much to fear from America taken over by the far right. What is more there are people I know who are decent and kind and like me are fiscally conservative. However, that is no excuse to vote in people filled with hatred of their fellow human beings and whose motto seems to be I'm all right Jack,  Fok you.  (my voice recognition software refuses to swear!)

The hatred shown for their current President is truly shameful. They are stupid enough to believe that it has nothing to do with his colour. Pull the other one.

In this country, we have right and we have left and we have  centre and various shades in between.  anybody who is extreme is  generally ignored or brought into the Public conversation for amusement.  I find it horrifying that in America these people are taken seriously and are revered!

The ignorance shown by so many when they fling around the word socialism or Marxism Leninism when they haven't a clue what they're talking about. Certainly the current president is none of those things.  What he is is black. What he also is is a man who is trying to make the United States of America a fairer place and the crazies on the right have done everything in their power to prevent him in the last 4 years. They seem to forget, highly conveniently, that the financial mess was left by a certain Mr Bush and that the people on the right in government have done all that they can to prevent the President putting it right.

An American theocracy is a danger to the whole world let alone the people of America. Even as I write this I am still just completely flummoxed and astounded and ashamed by what I read from people that appear really quite normal and yet filled with so much paranoia and hate.

To be a fiscal conservative does not mean one has to to hate difference. It does not mean one has to control women. It does not mean that government should interfere in the lives of private people or even in the private lives of people!  Know these people on the right to keep banging on about small government are plain liars. What they don't want is government interfering in their lives but they want to interfere in the lives of those they do not like. Anybody they see as different they want to interfere in their life. The small government idea is a lie.

The extremes of right and left are a danger to us all. Think about that before you decide to vote for these crazies.

Now there are people who say they are my friend and yet are going to vote for a man who hates gays and who is going to make sure that our rights are never given  back to us and will do all that he can to remove any rights that we already have. You are not my friend.


Iris said...

I am in total agreement. I'm not saying those on the left are always correct or that they are not without their own stubborn streaks. However, the lack of compassion and any simple effort to consider other views, regardless of the cost, is evil, in my opinion. If Romney is elected, I do hope he has some power in that magic t-shirt he wears and in the fairy tale of "righteousness" he carries. It's certain that Jesus, Messiah or prophet, wouldn't be spewing such garbage. Many on the right forget the difference between Old Testament Law and New Testament Salvation. Obama hasn't been perfect, but he was handed a HUGE problem it took at least eight years to create and, because he hasn't solved the issues in four, while dragging a Republican ball and chain around, he's vilified. This country's democracy (actually a republic), goes through cycles where it seems to falter. This seems to be a particularly bad patch. I can only hope sanity returns soon. I'm waiting for the right to institute a law that requires all to attend a Christian church, or suffer a penalty.

Cindy/KS said...

All of this hateful talk & such is why I refuse to talk politics or religion in the workplace or on places like Facebook. I have my personal beliefs about things & am intelligent enough to know that the economy here in the US didn't occur in just 4 years & it won't be corrected in just 4 years. Some are out for what is good for them, rather than what is good for most. And I also could be considered anti-woman in my belief that the time for choice is before conception. But I don't expect all to agree with me & while I probably won't agree with others who feel or believe differently, I do believe they have the right to their feelings or beliefs. And I think a lot of it all comes down to tolerance or the lack of tolerance people have for others.

Unknown said...

I think it is easier to ignore when you are here in the states. My sister lives in Ireland and she gets more upset than I do. We know they are loony tunes and ignore some of it. My son lives in Oklahoma and reports that the loonies really are the majority. (Not at his college - U of Tulsa which is quite international!) The news covers the right more, because it is so outrageous. But the truth is that the vocal right have money. And money rules. Until there is campaign finance reform, there will be no representation of the majority of the people. There is my soapbox! BTW - love your dogs. I have papillons. They have scarves that say, I bark for Obama. There are Bo magnets too!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on your thoughts about American politics. I am quite upset by the ignorance and hatred these people show. Our President IS our 'President' and should be respected as such at all times. I am deeply offended and embarrassed by so much I hear and see in the political arena. Of course, politics has always been a crazy thing -- but Really?!? Isn't moderation in all things still a good thing?

The Cat Lady said...

While I disagree with some (by no means all) of what you said, I defend absolutely your right to say it here or anywhere else that you choose. My problem with Obama is with his policies. They scare the heck out of me. On the other hand, I'm thrilled about your wedding, and I would defend it just as strongly. Oh, and those tube socks, they are simply awesome.

Christine said...

here here!!! I'm hoping the voting population realizes this, also. I KNOW that what is being spewed by the Right, is because of Pres. Obama's color..they just cannot stand that white man (notice I omitted woman, cuz they wouldn't stand that either) is not in office!!!

Gayle said...

I have only recently started reading your blog, but I totally agree with you in spirit and in content. It is your blog, write what you want. I also agree with your politically commentary. I was never "into politics" before, but as I get older, I find it to be very important. I currently live in the state of Wisconsin (or I should say the state of Chaos). The whole country knows how this the right wing faction is affecting the people of this state. I am getting close to retirement and will now choose to live elsewhere when the time comes.

I also agree that these people are dangerous to our hard won freedoms.

Louise said...

You have a good understanding of American politics. It is scary. I will freely admit that I am a liberal, but the hatred and unbending commitment to bring President Obama down is a new aspect of right-wing tactics. I taught U.S. history for over 40 years, and I know of no example in earlier years of the lack of respect these people display toward the president. Just calling him "Obama" instead of Mr. Obama or Mr. President has become the ordinary mode of address from them. The scary part is that they have so much money and power to bring about their wishes. The politics of hatred is a dangerous thing.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your comments. It terrifies me how many people in my country (USA) are blinded by so much hatred. We've heard so much about illegal aliens, meaning people with brown skin who come across the border without going through the legal channels. In my opinion, this attitude is less about obeying the law and more about racism.
Although polls indicate that more Americans now support the idea of marriage equality, the bigots on the right are still trying to amend state constitutions that define marriage as between one man and one woman. These same people recite our Pledge of Allegiance, the final three words of which are "..justice for all." They refuse to recognize that this is a matter of justice. The man currently running for the governor's job in Indiana on the Republican ticket supported our country's DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). When he had the chance to help repeal this heinous law, he refused. The Republican party here gets poor people to vote for them, even though helping the poor is a nightmare for the Republicans, by pandering to their social prejudices, e.g. their hatred of gays.
If you think the far right in American politics is scary from where you sit, it is terrifying here. These people are emotional terrorists. They are insane. in our last Presidential election, John McCain, the Republican candidate, looked at Mitt Romney as a potential running mate and chose Sarah Palin! This should terrify everyone in my country.
Obama has spent the last 4 years trying to clean up the mess left by GW Bush and has met with obstruction from the Republicans on just about every issue. (I saw a bumper sticker with a picture of Abe Lincoln on it, and the caption read, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to." He would be so appalled by what has become of the Republican party.
Again, thank you for your blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, Colin, as a liberal American I am frightened to death of those extreme conservatives. I don't want them to emerge victorious in the upcoming election because I fear for my freedom and my daughters' as women and for my oldest daughter's freedom as bisexual. I am so tired of them trying to impose their evangelical (old Testament) "Christian" values of hatred on everyone. I am also tired of so many people assuming that everyone they encounter is Christian. I'm not, but I don't even hardly say so where I work.