Friday, September 21, 2012


On September 8th and 9th  I ordered some records off of buyers who were listed on this site called DISCOGS.  I ordered around about 25 albums from various sellers. All but one of these vinyl records was advertised as in mint condition. I bought only one that was advertised as near mint and I did so because I really wanted that particular album. this album was near perfect and no trouble playing. 

Out of the first seven albums to arrive, I found three or maybe four  to certainly not be in mint condition.  As the bad records were mounting up I became very displeased. In the forums of this selling place I wrote a post that was headed MINT? Are you kidding!

 I stated exactly what had happened. I named nobody.  I was soon responded to by a really vile gentleman named Andy Wax  or something like who immediately attacked me personally and called me a liar. He stated that there was absolutely no way I would be unlucky enough to get so many untruthful sellers. I was roundly attacked for having left negative feedback. Quite what else one is supposed to do I do not know. There is no way that these sales can be rectified. Even if I had my money refunded it would not alter the fact that the sale was a bad one and negative feedback is fully justified. They seem to think that sellers should be able to pay their way out of a situation of bad faith.

Unfortunately the public bashing by Andy Wax  did not stop there. I then started to get private messages haranguing me and using pretty much the same language. I began to suspect that the public postings and these private emails were all from the same person. 

Ridiculously I was accused of naming and shaming in public when the proof that I did not was there for all to see! 

As the insults and attacks on my character just became worse I withdrew from that site and blocked all emails from it. 

As I had three records still left to receive I did not feel that I could just ignore it and felt it would be unfair to not leave feedback to those who had fulfilled their part  and sent me mint records.  

Today, I received another one of my orders and now I am truly pissed off.  I am pretty pissed off with myself  for allowing this  obnoxious bully to make me feel bad,  even to the extent that I left one person positive feedback when the record did not deserve it. You can see photographs of just three of the records that I have received.  I include only one album sleeve which has food stains on it because I was told that that was a downright lie and that this seller was known to the one that was slagging me off. I can only assume that that is not true but even if it is the photograph clearly shows dried food on the cover. I'd do not care about the covers despite them being described as mint or near mint and not being.  I just show it as an example of the sort of lying I have been subjected to.

 Needless to say I will never do this again. Not from DISCOGS or from any other site.  This has been a very expensive lesson. The fail rate is far too high. Not only have I been ripped off financially but I had my character trawled through the mud on top of it  by some nasty piece of work who I suspect has rather more to do with the shit records  that I received. Otherwise I just cannot understand his  vicious attacks on me.  Of course he could just be  the type of person who does not need an excuse to treat somebody in such an appalling manner. Whatever the situation I cannot prove it either way. I am not interested in doing so either. I certainly cannot have my say on the site so I am having it here on my blog and I am publishing photographs of  three  of the records.  It  is beyond my understanding that anyone could describe these records as mint.


joannamauselina said...

What a bummer! I'm sorry you got stung, and then had to deal with those nasties!!

Iris said...

Your case is really bad. We had problems one time with ink cartridges listed as "new," but that were refilled cartridges and didn't even come in any kind of wrapping. We left bad feedback and were bombarded with contacts from the company. We called the parent company and were told they had no real control over the company's incessant contact. We got the money back, but they continually sent email and called the house -- until we threatened to report them.

Georgina said...

What a rotten experience - sadly it seems like more and more people with personality defects are using the internet as a way to be vile with anonymity. Luckily - even more people are using it to share and support, as you do Colin. Don't let the bad apples put you off fruit! Apologies for the daft metaphor!!