Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Usually upon rising each morning and letting the dogs out the conservatory is always warm. This morning was the first time that in fact it was chilly. I opened the roof blinds ,just three in an alternate pattern. This has brought the temperature up. 

 Although I feel better than I did yesterday I'm still not up to doing much although I have to go and get my trolley motorised today. This is my 4 berth show trolley for the dogs. I have already tried out the motorised version and I am very pleased with it and it is certainly going to make a huge deal of difference to me. 

 Our house is still pretty much a mess though it is a much more organised mess. We are waiting upon the 2 final rooms being decorated and carpeted and this will not happen until October. Once that is done we can then buy the wardrobes and shelving that we need.

 I also have at least half a dozen machines to find homes for. That is probably a vast understatement of how many I will need to part with. The knitting machines are used the most I am obviously keeping and I will keep those that are the same versions so that I have spares if anything goes wrong. Even as I write this I am still thinking more in terms of what I can keep rather than what I can get rid of! Oh dear me! This is such a silly one as there is absolutely no way that I can justify keeping so many machines now that I am physically incapable of using them to any great extent. Yes keeping the 2 motorised ones and those that are the same or near models makes sense because I can still knit for myself and for John. I can also knit cashmere sweaters and sell them via my sock shop. I have already tried this and it worked. If I have a goal of one sweater a month I don't think I am being unreasonable. 

 As I laid back in my electric armchair last evening listening to music, I felt so happy and so grateful to have my dream audio setup. This has always been a dream of mine. Although if you had asked me I probably would not have mentioned this particular dream because I would have thought of it as a very selfish one. Old training dies hard! This audio system though is for both John and I. I use it the most at the moment because John is more taken up by his writing. 

Whitney is definitely pregnant and she is due on the 23rd of October. I have never yet had one of my girls go right to the full date so as the 23rd is a Tuesday I will expect these puppies on the Saturday or Sunday before. Now watch Whitney make a fool out of me by giving birth on the 23rd! 

 By the time this litter is born it will have been almost 2 years since I last had one. I have never lost the thrill that having a litter of puppies brings. It is not just whether or not this will bring a really good show dog into the world but I wonder at all the little personalities that they develop because they are always different no matter what. I find it fascinating and I am looking forward to meeting these new little personalities.


Iris said...

I'm sure John would be pleased to know that a gift for HIM brings YOU so much pleasure. I didn't realize it had been so long since you had a litter. I always love to see your pups. Feel good, friend.

Marsha said...

So happy for you that Whitney is pregnant. May the pregnancy go well and may she whelp in the daylight hours! Keep us posted Colin and do post pictures.