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I found this email address when looking in Google for possible information re sexual abuse of children in Albury.

I used to live in Albury. (My parents owned the sandwich bar opposite the Border Morning Mail in Kiewa Street.)

I was sexually abused, which was filmed and photographed, in 1971/2. I did contact Police in Albury in 94 but it came to nothing, the police who interviewed me here were not interested because I was not a reliable witness having had a nervous breakdown as a result of my abuse.

What concerns me the most is this: this man could still be corrupting children and destroying their lives and two, those films/photographs could be now on the 'net.

Trouble is although I clearly recall him and know where I was abused, multiple times, the Hume Reservoir being one, the Murray the other(I think or the Murrambidgee?) I have no idea of his name. He took groups of children on expeditions arranged during school holidays. Were they YMCA or school arranged? I can't recall. They were low cost. We went canoeing and stuff.

Due to the nature of the abuse, the photographs and film, and his position with the schools, I thought that maybe had he been caught it would be obvious whom I was talking about.

It would greatly ease my mind if I knew this man was not hurting any others.

I will say that at the time NO ONE supported me or even believed me. I was further victimised at school and could not wait to leave after the school certificate in 1974. I have never returned to education due to my experience.

I am now almost 53, have never worked, am disabled but very happy and have come to terms with my past. I would never want to turn the clock back. I want no contact with anyone from Albury High nor with this man. BTW he had a son which has always played on my mind because the sone knew and now I can only think that he too was abused. He showed me porn in front of his son.

If you have any idea of what I am talking about and you possibly know if this man has eiither died or was stopped, I'd like to know. I want nothing else. I hold no malice or hatred. It has just bothered me for a long time that he may still be destroying lives or at least making it very difficult. I recovered and have a good life. I unfortunately I know how lucky I am. I know others who did not make it.

If I have misunderstood what I have read on this page:

then please let me know.

I now live in the UK. I have no plans to ever come back. I have considered it but do not think that ripping open such wounds would be helpful. There is no one there I want to see and many I would actively avoid. I might like the opportunity to confront teachers who let abuse happen, in front their faces, but to what end? I was deliberately abused in science class-hot metal from a bunson placed upon my wrist. The teacher said I was too sensitive.

I would love to know there is a real anti-bullying iniative at Albury High, especially anti homophobia education. I was lucky to leave Albury in one piece. If Neighbours is anything to by, Oz has changed somewhat since I left in 1975. One can only hope this is so.

Strangely I do miss Albury and the surrounding beautiful scenery.

< sincerely
Colin A (surname changed by deed poll and I see no reason to give the name I used to go by unless information comes back to me makes it worthwhile.)

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