Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have always rejected the notion that people can BE evil. Think evil, behave evilly, but not BE.

Having seen many of the posts on your page (a famous author who posts stories about the appalling abuse of children and women by Religion)over a long period of time from religionists spouting hatred toward homosexuals, women, children coming here not to share their horror at the abuse by RC priests and Protestant pastors/vicars etc, but to defend them.

Recently, on another site, there was an article about a young gay man living on the brink of suicide in a place where h e is not excepted. The religionists were out in force telling him he was seriously bad, God would forgive him if only he'd repent. That God could and would make him him heterosexual.

I reluctantly came to the conclusion that these people are evil personified. What they believe, their faith, their actions, all of it-evil. I thought that with patience, tolerance, explanation, behaving well toward them etc might make a difference. How stupid was I!

These people are not stupid-they are just evil with closed minds and nothing can affect change on a closed mind, not even God.

It does warm me though that one Southern Baptist woman has seen the light and has left her church because of it's hatred of homosexuals. She means it too because she said to me that her realisation that homosexuality was NOT a feeling or an action but a state of being. I realised that not only did she mean it but she UNDERSTOOD! However, she is a rare entity and her change had nothing to do with me. I will no longer be putting myself out there in my ludicrous attempt to illuminate savages into compassion or understanding. I get it now. Really, do NOT cast pearls before swine because it's YOU who will slip on them and end up broken.

(BTW I have used the term Relgionist because I am not referring to just one dogma/creed. I include Islam, Judaism , Xianity, and any belief which condemns people not behaviour.)


Iris said...

In my humble (or not so humble) opinion, the vast number of evils in the world come from organized religions. There have been more deaths perpetrated by religious zealots (both by themselves and through their blind followers) than by any other means. Can I quote statistics? Nope. But, it seems to me that, if you follow the reasoning and motivation back to its roots, it'll, nine times out of ten, be based in "religious right." Pity, sin't it?

marilyn said...

Well said Colin.
I really believe that even trying to discuss anything rationally with these people is a waste of time; it only seems to entrench more firmly their bizarre, muddled and sadly bigoted beliefs.
I was once visited by two women who tried to convince me that Jesus had died for me.
I tried very hard to be polite and to explain to them that I didn't subscribe to any religion, but that my spiritual life was fundamental (no pun intended) to my life. To no avail.
I finally told them that I was a gay woman and a healing medium.
They've never been back!
Am so glad that you're feeling better.
Lots of love
Marilyn xxx

Linda said...

"I will no longer be putting myself out there in my ludicrous attempt to illuminate savages into compassion or understanding."

Wise decision. We are all "works in progress" and all we can do is live the best life we can, avoid the haters, and hope they see the light eventually. Life is too short to focus on the negative.