Friday, September 02, 2011

OUR TRIP TO GERMANY 20.08-30.08 2011

We really enjoyed our trip to Germany. We had hoped that the weather would be better than it has been here in England and it certainly was in that it was dry for the most part. However, the temperatures were in the early 90s for most of our stay!
We both thought that this was a little over the top.

As a result we spent a fair bit of time in big department stores and shopping malls!

However we did see some beautiful sites. The photographs on this page are of Bruchsal, about 40 miles away from our hotel in Mannheim. The big building is part of a palace which I have assumed was the Palace of a long gone king or prints but in fact it was the summer home of a Roman Catholic Bishop! It is good to see where the money that poor people put into the collection boxes in the Roman Catholic churches goes. After all, the message of Jesus was that we ought to be living in the lap of luxury as far as possible and never mind the poor.

I have more photographs of more places that they can wait for a different day as I do not like to make really long blog posts because I do not like to read really long blog posts.

Oh and before I sign off have you noticed how camp the statue is?


joannamauselina said...

I'm so glad that you had a great vacation. A bad time is way worse when you are not at home. Way worse. Love the shirt!

Iris said...

Camp, indeed.

Knitting-twitter said...

hi to England, thank you for sharing the great pictures, yes, it was a bit warm, hopefully, you found some nice bargains in the malls... all the best,

FuguesStateKnits said...

Good to know that camp has been and will be with us always. Just think how drab, sad and boring the world would be without it!;)

anachronist said...

Glad, that you had a good time.

Missed that you were near, have you had a knit meeting, too?