Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I seem to be very busy recently and I know that I have neither video blog nor written as regularly as I normally do. I am doing well though. Pain and fatigue have been my usual close companions and I do not seem to have recovered yet from our holiday!

Yesterday I did some dyeing and will post them later on Facebook and on here and of course in my shop. I may well do some more dyeing today, although that rather depends on how my body feels once my drugs have taken effect.

All is well with the dogs with Pussy and Mary-Grace doing very well at the shows. I do not have a show this weekend but do the following weekend so I have had a nice break.

I am very happy with our new audio setup and also with the new television. It is a 40 inch high-definition LED and it is amazing! The speakers are Rega RS1's for the hi-fi, 3 pairs, and I am using an Arcam DAC to filter the sound through. Very very pleased.

The above was a big shop but John said that we need to do the upgrade now because when he retires next year our finances will not be as they are now. I did not argue and I had a great time shopping!

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Iris said...

Shopping is good. I like the way your spouse thinks.