Friday, September 09, 2011


I have had a very busy and interesting time since we returned from our holiday in Germany.

last Sunday I attended a dog show with Pussy and Mary Grace. Pussy came 2nd and Mary Grace was 5th. The judge was not the judge that I entered under as she became incapacitated.

This week I have been buying hi-fi equipment from the higher end bracket. John is retiring at the end of April and our income will go down so he said that we should buy up what we need now. Not that we need high-end hi-fi equipment but we both wanted it because we both love music.

Remarkably, although pain has been my constant companion, it has been relatively easy to control. Even more remarkably is that I have been sleeping very well. In fact rather inconveniently well. Not only have I not been waking up to go for a pee, but I have not woken for the 1st time until 10 AM which is 3 hours later than my usual rising time!

John is home tonight and I am looking forward to having him try the very expensive headphones that I bought him. He will really hear his opera and classical music like he has not heard it before. I bought these for him because he would never buy them for himself. He is very strange in that he is rather mean when it comes to money with himself about very generous with me. We now both a pair each of Grado 325is.

Both Pussy and Mary Grace are in season so poor Luque is in a frustrated tiz.

I am going to spend the rest of today listening to music and knitting.


joannamauselina said...

Poor Luque! Hope he doesn't suffer too much frustration. Maybe some beautiful opera music on your lovely new equipment will soothe him. It always does the trick for me. But then, dogs probably have their own special tastes in music. Have you ever noticed what they like? Poor Margaret is so old and deaf that she doesn't care what we play.

DJNL said...

A lovely way to spend the evening...knitting and listening to music...that is my exact plan for this evening as I need soem 'down-time' as things have been too hectic.