Thursday, September 22, 2011



Julie in San Diego said...

Hi, Colin,
Maybe it is different in England, but in the US the word twat (from an old word for slit) is a vulgar reference to a Woman's Vagina. So, to use it to mean idiot is sexist and offends me as a woman. Please don't.

Just sayin'

Unknown said...

Julie-I am astonished at the arrogance of your comment! really? You expect me to change MY language because YOU give it a different meaning? Can you imagine how the people of the North of UK would react to you marching in an telling them to stop using their language? And Americans wonder at their reputation! As for the sexist nonsense-I never here this about dick, dick-head, wanker, or any other male centred words. Please understand that it bothers me not that you think differently to me but that you have the bad manners to tell ME to change because of how YOU choose to interpret?