Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have been busy looking thru two computers to find my booking confirmation for the hotel in Dinant, Belgium tomorrow evening. Couldn't find it so called the hotel. Guess who hadn't made the reservation? All sorted now.

We leave here at 5am and will drive to the tunnel, drive onto the shuttle and 30 minutes later drive off in France. We shall go to Laurent and Fran├žois on the way. It is from them that Nechung came. I shall see what they have, maybe a nice male I can take one of my girls too.

We leave them to go on to Dinant where our hotel is in a forest. We have been to Dinant before, in the Ardenne region, and it is picturesque and old.

On Monday we shall drive the rest of the way to Mannheim, Germany and settle into our hotel before driving to Sandhausen for dinner with Lui and Lia. It will be Lui's 65th birthday and I have made him a light grey cashmere sweater. (he doesn't read this blog!)

We will also meet up with Jane and Diana. So four people all of whom I would not have met if not for knitting and the 'net.

James and Tabitha, the pups, are at Mary's home and the 4 adults, Nechung, Micah, Shameless and Whitney are at Lorraine's . Lui went to his new home. The house feels very odd indeed with no dog sin it. Even though I had just come back from dropping them, I still went to le them out and wondered why it was so quiet!

I have been wearing my hot pink DM's most of the day, Very comfy. Think I might take them with me.....


Anonymous said...

You are NOT a twit! Everyone forgets something sometime! I'm glad you got it sorted out. LOL

FuguesStateKnits said...

Have a great time, Colin - you know the font's a little bizarre, don't you???LOL!
Oops - hope John has fun, too! And no odd Dr visits (you know what I mean....)