Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, I was asleep last night by 10.20pm!!! I slept thru until 3.15am. Then slept again till 6am. Not bad. I have gone back to using my horse shoe shaped pillow so i sleep propped up. It helps. I have not gone to the pool today.

I have knitted the front and back and attached the collar to a cashmere sweater in light grey that I am doing as a gift. I did all that yesterday plus my swim plus walking ALL the dogs. I managed to walk the dogs before the damn rain started - again. Guess what? More rain forecast. Oh, and more rain after that. Did I tell you it's been raining here for months now? No summer here.

I think the regular use of the drugs has made a big difference to me. Much less tired, better mood, more relaxed. I still worry about it. I wonder what regular use of these drugs is doing to my liver and or kidneys or just my body in general. Maybe I have no need to worry about that.

I have a busy couple of days ahead. Saturday the dogs will go to Lorraine. I have to bath them and Micah has to be put in oil as his coat won't get groomed for 10 days. The two puppies go to Mary's. Lui may be going to his new home on Saturday. It seems like the ideal home for him, with another Apso to keep him company and with people who understand how odd Apso can be. Lui is definitely odd but funny and not difficult.

I am hoping the weather will be better in Germany. From talking with Lia and Lui it seems their weather has been much better than ours. John says it's because we are an island and they are landlocked so their weather is better.

You know, I just realised that I did not crawl out of bed this morning nor did I take ages to feel okay and get my body moving. I took pk's before bed as well last night. Maybe that helped. It could just be I slept well so feel better. I still have a nagging voice telling me I ought to swim but I told it to go **********. I will walk the dogs if I can.


MargaretMcCall said...

Glad you have the pain under control. Chronic pain is the pits, and makes me feel exhausted. What happened with BT and the call centre person? Did they get it sorted?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel good, sometimes, to tell something you know you "should" do to ***************? I think we get so wrapped up in the "shoulds" of life we forget to live it.

I hope your trip goes well for you and you get some much needed respite from the weather.

Anonymous said...

COuld you tell me where you got your horseshoe shaped pillow. I'm looking for something to prop me up in bed when I am sleeping
Pam West