Saturday, August 23, 2008

Leaving Germany

We have eaten a meal of salmon and ratatouille at Lia and Lui's home. I have not eaten salmon like this before. It was fresh, whole and baked. Excellent. Subtle flavour and not bright colour.

Tomorrow we leave for lunch in Luxembourg and will be in Calais, France for the evening. We stay there until we travel thru the tunnel on Tuesday morning, being home by lunchtime I hope. Then we can get our dogs back. I miss them like hell.

I got a ticket! We have parked the car in the same place each time we have stayed here (4 times) and today we got a ticket! It says we will recieve it in the post. I doubt if I will receive one and doubt even more if I shall pay it if I do. The hotel says I ought not to have got one as I have an official handicapped badge clearly visible in the window.


joannamauselina said...

I'm envious of your trip and great meals with friends, but not of the ticket. It seems like it is probably a non-ticket, in any case. Joanna

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip you're having. Are you taking photos?