Thursday, August 31, 2006


I came home from my trip Saturday, instead of Monday. I got back to a very strange situation. My heart is broken and I have no idea why or how or anything. I am on autopilot and taking care of my dogs and cannot think of anything to write.


NikolaAnne said...


pamw said...

Hi Colin

I was wondering why you havent posted anything on your blog.
I was expecting news of your holiday.

Perhaps your holiday was too much for you with your health problems etc.

HOpe you feel a bit better soon
Pam x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are in trouble, a friend of mine's daughter died recently and as I said at the time ... Life can be rather cruel sometimes. I hope you are soon in a better situation. Janet Fleming (Norwich)

Gillian said...

Write when you are ready. I'm sure we are all thinking of you and caring about you. I am.

Anonymous said...

Oh Colin, whatever has happened? Here when you are able.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cherry there,hugs.

Anonymous said...

You have us all quite worried about you Colin hope things are a bit better will be thinking about you. Lots of hugs

Annie said...

Sharing may help, but only when you're ready.
Thinking of you.