Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Camel Hair

This is made from 100% Camel Hair from COLOURMART UK.

I used 2 x 2/15's. The design is my own and I used the Brother Garter Carriage. The sweater has been washed and tumble dried on hot. It has set in sleeves and fully fashioned shaping. It is 62 cm wide and 68cm long. It weighs 590 gms after washing.

I tried using one strand on my fine gauge machine but it wasn't satisfactory. It works much better with two strands which equals 2/7.5.

There is much hand manipulation here, cabling every 4 rows.


Pam said...

Wow, I can't even seem to make one section of stockinette on my machine without having major probs... Beautiful, but how did you manage to wash on hot without felting?

Kim said...

wow Colin- just stunning!! Great work!

Candace said...

What a wonderful combination- camel hair and Aran work. Do you take
commissions? Your blog is wonderful and thoughtful. Take care of

Monica said...

that is a BEAUTIFUL sweater. Thanks for sharing

Gail said...

Colin that sweater is truly, truly breathtaking!!! You are a superb

Lynne said...

Once again Colin a masterclass, I Have seen the charts in the stitchworld books but can't understand how you can tell the difference between the knit & purl stitches, especially as if you are going to write this pattern out a mylar sheet.
You are making my hubby quite crotchity as he loves these sweaters and I am a bit slow getting to use my garter carriage.

Roz said...

Love that one Colin. I wish you'd write patterns for a magazine, there just
aren't that many men's sweaters in the magazines.

Cathy said...

Wow! Colin...What's not to like????
One more example of how talented you are!

Continued happy knitting,

Joan said...

Colin, your work gets classier every time. You really need to write these patterns out so we can all buy them. Surely you could use a bit more money and all of us would be able to try to achieve the level of work you do. Sign me up for the set and keep inspiring us. Have a safe trip.

Di said...

What an achievement ! Lovely ! & have a great/ safe trip.
Blessed Be.

Bernie said...

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. Beatiful workmanship. Also a
really lovely colour.

Iris said...

Ditto to this! I am trying to find a nice pattern for my husband. He doesn¹t
want a pattern out of any of the gansy books ­ just something interesting.

Publish, Colin, publish!

mon said...


Before I wrote this comment I ordered the yarn. I have been thinking about
it for some time. You are the best advertiser Richard can get:)

Your camel sweater is fantastic.

Do you think the stitch definition is better in the camel than in the

Thanks for your blog, I get so inspired when I visit it. Your writings also
gives me a lot to think about.


Sheila said...

Hi Colin!

The sweater is beautiful - you will really enjoy wearing that one!

Have a great holiday and travel safely.

Bernice said...

Very fine work Colin. The cables look wonderful. I've noticed the
necklines of your sweaters always look so neat and professional,
particularly where the band meets the body of the sweater. Is there
something special that you do to achieve that look or is it just many
hours of practice?

Allen said...

The sweater is beautiful, I need to make myself some sweaters for
this winter. You are always an inspiration.
keep on knitting,

Nancy said...

What a beautiful sweater. Glad you shared it with the list.

Cathy said...

Colin this is a magnificent piece of work. Beautiful colour,patterns selections. Congratulations!

Have a wonderful trip, come home safe to us, we'll miss you all.

Your essay on soul pain is spot on. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Wooly hugs from Cathy in Niagara

Lora said...

Colin, the sweater is gorgeous. I really enjoyed reading your blog too.

lois said...

Colin, your camel hair creation is beautiful--as are all of your cashmeres and stripes. Thank you for sharing with us; the detailed pictures say so much about your careful finishing!

Michael said...

It is absolutely gorgeous. Wish you could share the pattern or even offer it for sale. I have to agree that there are not enough patterns for men's sweaters.

Mary said...

Hello Colin
Another outstanding sweater
I have two of your designs from Machine Knitting Monthly in my 'to-do' list - one is Nov 2005 and one in June 2002 (Time I got down to doing them!!!!) Both these back issues are still available from MKM.
Have a good holiday
Best Wishes