Saturday, August 05, 2006

That Was The Week That was

It's been one of those weeks.

Last Sunday, on the way to Leicester to pick up Tilly who had been off on 'honeymoon', I had to stop the car to get out as the pain was really bad. Not happened like that before. I didn't have my drugs with me so bought some over the counter Ibuprofen. Helped, but not much.

Anyway, picked up Tilly. When we got home, Micah tried to mate her and Tilly told him where to go, so that is a good sign. Have not been very succesful with Tilly in that we usually mated her too early and so she missed. She is a bit of a tart and will mate more or less as soon as she is in season and over a 8 day period which is not that normal. This time, the stud owner allowed them to shag their brains out for a week, until Tilly told the stud to f**k off. Hopefully this time she is pregnant.

As the week wore on, the pain got worse. It seems I am only comfortable, almost, lying on my side in bed. Sitting is terrible and standing soon gets worse. Anyway, my dear Niki came over for our weekly day out. We do this once a week as it gets me out and with her help I am able to do the main shop and generally have a good time. She is really very kind and never has to be told what I need. she anticipates everything. Fortunately we both love shopping.

Thursday was the day. We had to abandon it tho and come home. Not only was the pain really ick but I just couldn't function properly. My speech got all slurred, I became very vague and in the Opticians I staggered about and knocked stuff over! They know I have a condition so no problems.

My doctor happened to be passing in her car as I was leaving the Optician and she called me later at home and said she wanted to see me. Just to make sure I was okay. My blood pressure was 111/67 which I am very pleased with! The usual lecture about resting and taking my drugs, of which she gave me a whole sack full! Honestly, I have enough to open my own Pharmacy. I do like the idea of having enough to bump myself off in case of nuclear attack or another Cher farewell tour.

I am knitting a 100% camel hair sweater on with the GC right now. Cables and DMS and stuff. Taking forever as I have to cable every 4 rows but I really like this design and can't wait till it is finished.

And I dumped yet another sweater this week! My second in as many weeks. This was cashmere! Wine coloured and a ladies one. I had sewn in the first sleeve and did the neckband and was checking neckband was loose enough when I noticed a tear in the fabric, on the front, over where a breast would be. ACK! Anyway, I tired, even tho I knew I would fail, to undo my sewing. Impossible. So now it is in the bin.

Tomorrow is the South Eastern Lhasa Apso Society's Champ Show. We are going with Moon. Only about 80 miles away. Next Saturday, 12th, is Bournemouth Champ show and that is about 180 miles away! Thankfully I don't go to shows on my own so even if I am very sore tomorrow like today, I'll still managed my minute walk in the ring!

On the 17th we are off to see friends in Denmark and Sweden and catching 3 days in Hamburg on the way home. Hopefully we'll be popping into Laurent and Francois too to see them and see what new males they have that I might want to use on my girls. Oh, and I will also go see Sten and Ingla nr Falkenberg in Sweden to see their new boys. Will be away 12 days and Niki will be living here to take care of my dogs.

Oh and I am still doing my hand knit aran and am at present knitting a pair of socks. The bamboo hand knit is coming along too. Oh, if only I could stay awake 24 hrs or the days were longer or something.


Anonymous said...

Oh LOl !..know what you mean I could bump off my family in case of a Nuclear war or radio 4 starts playing rap.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Colin - feel better! (And enjoy your trip to Sweden!) Here in the US it's the "States" from sea to shining sea and we don't get to travel out of the country so easily! (Not that it's easy for you)
Cher farewell tour - how I understand. It does inspire suicide, doesn't it?

Gillian said...

But I missed the first farewell tour and was waiting in great anticipation for the "Nellie Melba" event!
My husband reckons Cher wouldn't half like one of your jumpers too.

Anyway, a serious thought. What about cutting future bin prospects into squares or other suitable shapes to make into patchwork rugs, throws etc. I presume from their machine washability that they wouldn't felt or they could
be used for bags and things.

Have a great holiday. It's a good thing the heatwave is over.
Cheers Gillian