Sunday, August 13, 2006

Matching Socks

Well, I finished the socks to go with the sweater. I knit these with one circular needle, using Magic Loop method. Cast on 72 sts with 3.5mm needle, using continental method. I knit 24 rows of 2x2 rib using 2mm needle. I then knit the body using 2.25mm needle, increasing to 80 sts by increasing 4sts after first 4 rows and then again after another 4 rows. The heel was done using a modified Sherman Heel. Modified because I no longer know if I follow the pattern, I just do it. I do know that I slip sts on the way back which the original doesn't. Whatever, I find this the easiest heel to do and by far the best looking with no holes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Colin! Nice socks! I like the sweater too. Must have taken you quite a while to finish the sweater. Knit on!

Pat in Louisiana

Marian said...

Colin as usual your stuff is sensational. You have tremendous talent and the
will to follow through with it.

Anonymous said...

That heel is STUNNING - it looks just PERFECT!
Can you point me in the right direction? I have googled Sherman heels but
you mentioned modifying yours and seriously, they are the cleanest I have
seen! I also love the colors.

BTW, read back a bit in your blog - I do hope you are feeling better, or
that the pain has at least lessened some?

Cherry Rolfe said...

Hey Colin, I hate to break it to you, I mean I love the jumper and I love the socks, but as a Style Guru I owe it to you to warn against matching sweaters and socks!! Tee Hee!!

Sandra said...

A perfect set! Love the colourway :-)

Jill Schaefer said...

Great socks!

Jill Schaefer said...

Great socks!

ferg said...

For Heaven's Sakes Colin! Is there no end to your skills and artistry?
I'm still trying to knit socks without holes at the ankles but usually have to cheat with a small amount of matching yarn on a darning needle when everything else is finished. I would also be grateful to hear how you do it and a bit more about Sherman the Smerman technique etc.
When you have time.
Keep as well as you can.
Cheers Gillian

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin have you ever done socks on the passap? they are neat and fast if they are just a stocking st, just thought I would ask it must take a lot of time hand knitting them. Still waiting to hear how you do your sleeves the modified raglan one. You also must be feeling quite good when you are knitting by hand that is great.

Barb said...

Just perfect as usual Colin. I have also kept your directions for the
sleeve/shoulder treatment on your previous sweater. I plan on trying this on
my next sweater. I really like the look of the shoulder area on your
beautiful aran sweater. You need to write some patterns and sell them. I
know I would be a customer for sure.

nat said...

I like them Colin! The colors blocked up interestingly enough. Colorful, but still Manly.

iris said...

I hope you are better. You have to take care of yourself - you are a
great source of inspiration.

Your socks are superlative. Who gets to wear them and the sweater?
Were the socks hand knitted? Either way, they are very snazzy.

Chris said...

Very nice indeed Colin. I hope you are feeling better this week.

Ruth said...

Colin, I like your sock heels. What is the Sherman heel?

kathy said...

love your blog and your socks love the heal loks
perfect can you give me more info on the heel and this
magic loop thingy please

Laura said...

I found the heel instructions here:

Neat socks!

Alice said...

Wow, Colin. Those are some beautiful projects! I love your sweaters and hope to make one similar someday. I'll be adding you to my list of blogs to check in on.

Loli said...

WOW! I love you socks and your sweaters made my jaw drop. They are fabulous!!! No, wait...Is there a word to use that is better than fabulous? WonderfullyIncrediblesuperdelicious! You are a great inspiration. I hope to visit your blog more often and see your wonderful work. I am an obsessive sock knitter, but am currently learning about sweater knitting.

I read your blog and found out that you are ill. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon.