Tuesday, February 28, 2006

80's Sweaters

2/8's Shetland. Brother 950i. 1989

2/8'S Shetland, Brother 910, 1985. I sold loads of this damn pattern! I knit 18 sweaters a week in those days.2/8's Shetland. Multicolour tuck Brother 950i inbuilt pattern. 1988
2/8's shetland. 50 colours. Borther 910, 1985
Fifth passap Duo 80. 2/16's Lambswool. 1987
Fourth Passap Duo 80. 2/10 Botany. 1987
Third Passap 80, 2 x 2/24's Botany. 1987
Second Passap 80 sweater. 2x2/24 Botany. 1987
Very first Passap sweater, FX/BX Duo 80, 2x2/20 Botany. 1987


Anonymous said...

HI Colin.

You really truly do such wonderful works. You put a lot of woman to shame
with your expertise in knitting & finishing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Colin... so gorgeous, and already so perfect.
I'll tell Knitlou!

Jeri said...

Yikes; those are beautiful! Excellent colors and designs. No wonder you sold so well...thanks for sharing the photos.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.
Do you cut and sew necklines ?
Your work is georgeous.
Keep it up as I'm getting inspired to get knitting again after a long break due to health concerns.