Thursday, February 16, 2006

Where is Knitting Headed?

I don't think knitting will hold the amount of interest it has at present. Much of the new craze is down to 'celebreties' publisicing it and people following on from them as part of their need to be seen as 'belongin' to be 'cool'

Then there are those, like me, who don't sway with the fashion but have continued to knit uninterrupted, regardless of the trend. It is we who will keep knitting. Those who need to create. Those who have a passion.Those who are not slaves to public opinion or favour.

Why does an artist paint? Why does a composer compose? Why does a sculptor sculpt? Because they have to. Why does a knitter knit can also be asked and for those who will stick at it, the answer will be the same - I have to! It is how I create.

So I don't think the current phase will last, it will die out. But knitting istelf will not die out. As an art form it will survive. It isn't about money or what is in vogue now. It's about art and creation and as such, and becasue of such, it will survive.
(The above applies to both hand and machine knitting, imo)

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angie cox said...

How I agree with you Colin...and especially about the shoddy clothes,food etc.Thanks for defending Holly and best Holly,angie and Jeff Cox.