Monday, January 26, 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


At yesterday's show,Whitney won the final two points she needed to gain her Junior Warrant. The letters JW now go after her name. To gain this award she had to amass 25 points. A first at a championship show is worth 3 points and a first at an open show is worth 1. Three points must come from both types of shows. Whitney gained 24points at Championship shows and 3 at Open level.


Yesterday's show was a disaster. The judge is a well known Poodle and Yankee exhibitor. Both those breeds are very flashy, and are moved fast and hard. He chose to make us do the same. Completely inappropriate for our breed, not to say difficult for many exhibitors, not just me. Whitney was entered in 4 classes (because I was after those points). In the first class she was made to move 5 times. In the subsequent 3 classes, she was also made to move at least 3 times in each class. Now this means a complete lap of the ring and then across and back. Not only was this very hard on me, but made the judge look incompetent. Could he not tell how the dog moved on the first lap? It also seemed that he was not looking for a good Lhasa Apso but a glamorous flashy show dog. They are not the same thing at all. I breed for the good Lhasa Apso with the attributes need for life 16000 feet above sea level in Tibet. I don't want a generic show dog.

One of my fellow exhibitors is successful and a championship show judge of our breed. I have found her behaviour when she loses to be appalling. She goes red in the face, looks as if she will cry and she stomps out of the ring. She is a large woman so this is unmissable. She also is rather rude in that sometimes she will greet you at a show but most times she will look away and ignore you. Yesterday, I discovered that she is truly without ethics and will do whatever she will to win. She did what she could to upset my dog and me. She was behind me, and moved much faster than I was able to without suffering or losing my balance. I just managed to not let her run me down. I will NEVER allow this to happen again, in that I shall make sure she is not near me in the ring. I do not feel inclined to continue to acknowledge her regardless of her response, as I have been doing, out of politeness. I try not to let the behaviour of others alter mine, but right now I just don't feel like sticking to that rule! You know, it is one thing to try and disrupt a fellow exhibitor but to do so to an infirm one is quite frankly astonishing. Considering my past, I ought not to be shocked by the behaviour of people but I am. I can't believe this person is like that especially when her job is caring for others !!!!


I do not know what has happened but I do know the lifeguard in question was seen by the manager today. I also know I have been backed up by at least one member of the lifeguard team.


I have just been listening to him give an address to the USA ( and the rest of us really). It is pleasure to experience listening to a man in his position and not feel like one is being bamboozled and screwed. Truly, I have never before felt trust for a politician. Trust is a huge thing for me and I do so hope I am not being fooled. With Bush there was no doubt.


Sigh. These blasted socks, I am really fed up with them. I like the colour and the pattern but I am just fed up with them now. For some reason I have made several mistakes whilst knitting them. I knit the first on up to the heel turn, did the heel turn. That was the first error. I used my Mach 1 heel when the math was for the Mach 2. I then knitted the second sock a whole 60 rounds longer before I did the heel turn! I must have been knitting like a tit in a trance to have not noticed. So I frogged it back and did it right until the heel turn. I did the Mach 1 heel. So then I had to frog both socks back to heel turn and do the correct Mach 2 heel. This is where I am with them now, just starting to knit up the legs. Two weeks of work and not done yet. Arrggh!
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