Thursday, January 08, 2009

Still Cold

The pool was 1.5c warmer today and I managed 40 laps before I seized up. I am still cold and am soon going back to bed. I found yesterday after sleeping I warmed up.

I am on the home stretch of both Regia Kaffe socks so may well blog them later today. I think my next pair will be plain coloured and textured. Pink colour I think.

I may go to my Spiritualist meeting tonight. The demonstrator is a woman named Angie Morris and she is good. No bullshit from her.(edit: it will be me tonight. I will do the talk and a young woman I had do the dem last month will do so again tonight. Joanna is excellent.)

Strange how we tend to think of Fundamentalists as just being Muslim when Israel is based upon fundamentalist Biblical belief and is the reason for the killing. We have fundamentalist Xtians, one of whom has been in power in the USA for the last 8 years and who believes in helping Armageddon along and doing nothing to protect our planet. We have fundamentalist Hindus. Even fundamentalist Buddhists! Why are we so selective in our recognizing of evil?

Tomorrow is Fred's funeral. Both John and I are to attend. Trish came around yesterday with her sister Janet to see the puppies. Trish gave me a red tie with hats all over it which was Fred's and also another of his for John. I was really touched by this and I shall wear mine tomorrow. I told Trish that maybe the other tie would be too loud for John.
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