Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buda And Pest It is


I have a spent quite a bit of time over the last week trying to organize a driving trip to Barcelona. I was thwarted at every step. Hotels are not cheap. Those that had parking wanted £25 a day! They were up to 8 miles away from where we wanted to be. In town apartments/hotels had no parking at all. I wrote to two apartment agencies explaining my needs and both wrote back with unsuitable apartments. They seemed to think that 200 metres away for the £25 a day car park would not be a problem to a person who uses a wheelchair and has difficulty walking. They also didn't think that having to climb just one flight of stairs would be a problem.

I came to the conclusion that Barcelona, like Paris, is not accessible.


SO...Budapest is where we will drive to. It is meant to be. It all just fell into place. I mentioned it to Jane in Eindhoven, Holland because I knew she and her hubby had been there. She told me that they had stayed in a Best western there. well, I went and the first BW hotel I clicked on was bang in the middle of everything we want to see and it was cheap and what is more parking is free and right outside hotel because of my Blue Badge!

I booked the hotel, paid for the Chunnel tickets and will travel on 21st March and back on 4th April.

On the way there we will possibly stop to visit with Lia and Lui in Germany. The trip to Budapest takes us thru Austria and Slovakia. On the way back we can go via Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland and what was East Germany and then on to Calais. Or we will come back via a stay in Bratislava(Slovakia) and Prague (Czech Rep. This is going to be a good trip and longest we have taken for years.


The puppies are fat things and very quiet, which means all is well and they are happy-meaning well fed.


Yesterday, I went for my swim which was easy and then the rest of the day was relatively pain free, movement was easier and I did not take effort to get out of a chair. I slept well and went to the pool today. As soon as I got in and swam, I knew today was going to be hard. I couldn't complete my laps as I was too weak. I lost my balance twice whilst preparing to come home. My hands as I type feel very heavy and my fingers don't care much for ding this typing. So I shall be off to bed soon. I am still not that sore, just feel very weak and lifting my arm or leg or walking just feels too much. Weird. To be frank, I find pain much easier to deal with than this fatigue. Pain doesn't usually stop me but fatigue dose. Other than that, I am in good spirits.

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