Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is the alpaca sweater i am knitting for my self in a simple knit/purl check. I am using two ends of Drops alpaca on 4mm needles. I am using Lantern Moon Ebony Circulars.

This is John's aran sweater. I am using 5mm Lantern Moon Ebony circulars. The yarn is Cascade 200 and the design is my own.

This is another pair of socks for me. I am using Karbonz in 2.25mm size. the yarn is by Wendy and it just caught my eye. I am going to knit this a s a tube sock.

I am pretty sick at the moment and have been since Cruft's back on the 8th. I expected to feel really bad the two days after the show but that feeling didn't lift and I gradually got worse and worse until finally I developed a fever (tho now I think I had one a lot sooner than i realised) and difficulty breathing. I had been taking more and more pain killers because my joints were on fire and I was hurting much more. Anyway, I finally went to the Dr today and I had a temp of 38c and a chest infection for which I now have anti-biotics. I should have gone last week of course but didn't want to make a fuss!


Picnicfan said...

Your knitting projects are all beautiful and lovely colours. I hope you soon start feeling better, Colin.

Iris said...

These are beautiful projects! I especially like the sock yarn. Who is Wendy?

Unknown said...

Wendy is a well known UK brand of yarn.

joannamauselina said...

Wow! The sweaters are really going to be fabulous! Both are beautiful, both in color and design. The socks look very nice too. I love the yarn.

You used to talk about John not going to the MD because he didn't want to make a fuss! Naughty, naughty!

Congratulations on Marygrace's showing. One of my bosses is named Marygrace and I love her, so this makes me even more fond of your Marygrace.