Sunday, March 10, 2013


We have just spent 90 minutes watching a woman called Jeanne Robertson, a 'humourist' from North carolina. She was very funny. Gentle humour without any rude bits at all. I love the accent. I have no problem with rude humour but I really like this woman too. 

I am knackered. I am off to bed. I had a good physio session today. I was a good boy and didn't just swim, I did what the hospital told me to do and did these weird exercises involving my legs and groin which when I was first shown I thought to myself 'are they taking the piss or what? These are really easy. I not a cripple for goodness sake (well actually it was for f*cks sake).' It turns out they knew what they were talking about after all which i suppose since they have medical degrees and I have no education past 15 is not too surprising. These exercises are bloody hard to do and thank goodness I get to do them in the water and not on land cos if they were on land, i'd fall over on the concrete and that would really not be good. Quick thinking, Batman. I suppose a medical degree is useful after all. I have no idea if the physio works or not but it hurts. That either means it is working or that they don't like me. 

Well, early in the morning a man is coming around to fill my hole. I have been meaning to have it filled ever since we moved in here, 14 years ago. Now finally, I found the right man to do it. I had asked Ernie the builder but I guess Ernie the builder didn't care very much for filling my hole as he never did get around to doing it. Well, it has to be done because on windy days the wind comes right through and it is really noisy. It can be quite scary and even the dogs move away from it and turn and stare at it. So finally, my hole is being filled and this should not just stop the wind problem but also prevent the heat escaping too. The coal and then the natural gas fire that used to fill my hole is no longer there, hence the hole. It really isn't necessary for it to be there and when I think about it, 14 years with it unfilled is just,well, unthinkably unthinkable. So tomorrow a man named Howard is going to fill it and we shall leave him to do it in private because of the next paragraph.

I feel like going out tomorrow so we shall. We will our usual exciting trip to John Lewis where the staff know us so well it's a wonder they haven't stuck 'sale' stickers on us. As odd as it may seem, i find it de-stressing to just wheel around the mall and looking at stuff. i look at stuff I am never going to buy. I am always taken aback, every time, at just how big some bras are. Blimey! I had no idea boobs came in that size. I see some very nice hand bags which I ponder upon but decide I like my balls and I really am not going to get rid of them just because I love that orange hand-bag. Women are so lucky with the variety of stuff they 
can wear. 

I am trying to persuade Joh to have swap our 40" for a 46". I have told him that now we have an electric bed, we can have the 40" on the wall opposite the bed. We can watch DVDs in bed and be situated just right to do so. You see, we replaced a very expensive Blu-Ray player for another very expensive Blu-Ray player (both 3D too). We have one very expensive BD player under the settee. I have told him that really is a waste of a very expensive BD player and wouldn't it make more sense to buy another very expensive tv, this 46" one, to put on the wall in the lounge and move the 40" one that is presently there, upstairs to the bedroom where we can then use to watch the very expensive BD player that is going to waste under the settee? Doesn't that make sense to you? It does to me.

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