Saturday, February 16, 2013


  This is knitted using two ends of Drops alpaca.  I am using 4 mm needles. In this case the needles are the Lantern Moon ebony interchangeables.  They are truly excellent. I knitted another sweater using this exact same yarn back in 2007.
(   Alpaca Sweater )
 The yarn  I am using is Cascade 220.  This will be a sweater for John. The design is my own. Once again I am using Lantern Moon Ebony interchangeables  in 5 mm this time.  What you see is just the swatch.  I designed the chart using Design A Knit 8.  I upgraded from DAK7. I am so far very pleased.  This really took the headache out. I was able to chart the above and consequently setting the first two rows  of knitting was very easy.   At the moment it seems as if this will be wide enough for the measurement that I require for the sweater! I just have a few more rows to do and then I shall wash it and try it and measure it.
 Very clever of you to have noticed that these are not knitted. I've bought two new  pairs of Dr Martens.  Aren't they gorgeous?

 This is one of the puppies that were six weeks old yesterday. I will be keeping this one and also her black and white brother and her gold and white sister. I will not be keeping the two girls permanently but will be running both on until I decide which one I shall keep. They will all be getting their microchips done today.

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Kathy said...

The docs are adorable, so is the pup. Watched the Westminister for the first time in my life this week. Looking at the bichon that competed and comparing it to my niece's bichon puppy, I must admit I have a lot of respect for anyone who can train (encourage? Convince?) a dog to do what they do. Kudos to you!