Wednesday, February 06, 2013


The joy of puppies! I put them all out for maybe 30mins and they cry and whinge to come back. I pout them back in their fresh clean pen. They pee and poop! They then cry to go back out. So dutiful master puts the little dears back outside. After a while, they cry to come back in and when I go to get them, half are trying to sleep, shivering away, on the cold concrete. I put them in the clean and fresh pen again. Since then they have been playing at 'lets be a flock of seagulls'.Darling little f*ckers!

I slept well again. (I just checked the seagulls and in fact it's only one making the recket-the girl I am planning on keeping. Typical!) 

As I was having a pee and scratching my belly I noticed that there was definitely less of it and I could see the sides had all but disappeared.(there is a mirror above the loo). I weighed myself and indeed another 2lbs have gone. My Dr's fear and mine, that i might have to drop a drug or two from my arsenal were unfounded. i must day though that 1. I am back to regular swimming and being sensible about not knackering myself and forcing myself to get up at 5 every day. It seems alternate days is adequate. 2. my appetite has decreased a lot. That was another thing-the new drug does have increased appetite as a side effect. Maybe it has just gone away? Whatever, it's working for now and for that i am pleased. the awful fatigue is not with me either. Now that I really am grateful for. Fatigue is worse than pian in my book. It is hard to describe to someone who has not experienced it. It is not tiredness. Its like your body, your limbs, are heavy concrete and you have to move through treacle.

Unusually, I am stuck for puppy names. I have yet to decide on the names for the three I am keeping. yes, for now, i will be keeping two of the girls and 1 boy. Clearly I will not need two girls but I cannot perceive a difference quality wise right now. By 8 weeks I might well have.

I was going to go for Tantra's Alexander for the black and white boy because a dog I much admired from a photograph was a top winner called Ch Cheska Alexander. it was Cheska Lhasa Apso that first caught my eye and gave me my love of these dogs. Anyway, i could not live with calling my dog Alex. that name has bad associations for me and no matter how i would try, I would remember why every time I called him! Besides, I think that for me, that maybe this dog name should just be left to that dog I admired so much.

I know I said one of the girls would be Tantra's Fabulous Fanny because the Tibetan terrier that won Cruft's about 3 years ago was called Ch Araki Fabulous Willy. Now I am not so sure I will.

One also has to find names that are not to similar to the dog's ear. Like I was going to call Megan Wendy but when I called Wendy, Whitney came running.

My Lantern Moon circulars were absolutely lovely to wok with. I have only knitted a swatch, using a hairy alpaca, but it was smooth and easy, no snagging. the weight in my hands was good. The warmth too. I was concerned about the shorter than i am used to tips but have found that shorter tips are better for me!

Well, my drugs have kicked in so I must take advantage and go and bath my Pussy. She is looking decidedly ragged though nowhere near what you'd expect from rearing 6 puppies. She has done such a good job. Her weight is still plump too. 

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midnightvelvet said...

LOLOL...I just almost choked on my hot cross bun reading about the puppies and names etc...fantastic Colin, keep up the good work LOLOL xxx