Friday, February 08, 2013


The puppies really scoffed down their morning meal. I forgot to leave food for them during the night which is a good thing really. They have to learn to eat when given. They certainly were on this straight away even tho mum's milk bar was available.

I seem okay today. Just the usual boring details.  Will be a day of getting to grips with my program and letting dogs and pups in and out.

Whatever it is you have to do which may seem daunting, cut it down into small chunks in your mind. That way things become easier. It is why the idea of living one day at a time is often passed along. It helps and is obvious. We only ever have to think about the time from getting up to getting back to bed. That doesn't mena one doesn't plan ahead but don't fret on plans next week, or next month. No just think about today.

I once weighed 21st7lbs (303lbs). The idea of losing as much as I needed to was beyond daunting. So i didn't think about it. i thought of only losing one pound. I weighed myself every single day. Yes because I couldn't weigh myself once a week and be hit by disappointment-dangerous. So every morning, after loo, undressed. Eventually each pound lost brought me down to 13st (182lbs). In the last 5 years I have kept it off until last year which as you know was very stressful and I could exercise very little. I put on 14lbs. I am also much sicker now than I was back then. So I have done well. but it was a pound at a time.

These sayings , like a day at a time, may sound trite, but they are for real if we stop and think. If we are all over the shop, feeling crap, and in a mess, our way clearly isn't working. We need to find solutions. Finding solutions doesn't mean getting addicted to the latest New Age craze or fundy religion-yes both are addictions of the mind. No, it means starting with the little things. No matter if it's OCD (been there doen that and sometimes go back), weight loss, hoarding, needing to clean up the house. Just little chunks at a time. 

All we have is now. That is all we deal with. How we deal with now determines the next now. xo

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