Thursday, May 17, 2012


I was not a happy camper first thing. (oh actually I wqs a happy camper first thing because I had my first normal movement in weeks! And last night I ate one of my no no foods-pitta bread and ice-cream. Not together, the pitta was with the kebab and the ice cream was with a spoon.)  I sat down and put my MacBookPro on and picked up the phone only to find that my balls had become entangled with the phone lead and as I tried to disentangle it became apparent they had wrapped themselves around my headphones too. Now they had only been laying in my chair all night. Maybe Gremlins are real.

Well, I am more or less convinced I am sick. My throat is still sore, my voice has taken on a rather butch tone, and I sound like I should have had my adenoids out(which I did about 50 yrs ago.) I don't think this is dust. Especially as John was not affected and with his lungs, you'd expect he would be.

The men are here putting the floor in. Now we won't be able to set foot in here for a long time. We have to wait for it t be totally dry too before the fake New England Oak floor goes down.

John is home tonight. The next three days we must empty the kitchen and bathroom. That will be fun. More stuff piled into the present lounge. Then on Monday we will be off to France until Saturday and are leaving all the workmen here to get on with it. It is not feasible to stay with the kitchen and bathroom being ripped out and replaced.

It has been fun to just have Chase here. He is a funny boy and this is the second time we have had bonding time on our own. He is quite a sensitive chap and you'd think he would not show but he struts his stuff really well, just like his mum. He has presence. Even the workmen picked him out and asked me if he was a Champion. When pet people say something like that about a dog I am keeping, I always know I have a star. Almost all who met Whitney made similar comments and with MG too. It's the way they move and carry themselves. MG and Chase are quite different to Whitney who will happily jump up to be petted by anyone but MG and Chase have the typically reticent want to get to know you first attitude that LA have.


Iris said...

Tell me you are speaking of balls of yarn! You lead a very interesting life, my English friend. Feel better.

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