Saturday, May 05, 2012


We went to Queensgate, Peterborough yesterday. We left the car ion the valet bays to have a full valet done whilst we shopped. Never done that before. We came back to a very clean car.

Unbelievably, the shops all shut at 5.30pm and Waterstone's at 5pm! And we are in recession? The shops are doing badly?

We have seen dark wood furniture that we like very much in John Lewis. Cabinets and shelving and such like. It looks as though we will be going for this. We have had no luck yet finding a drop leaf table for dining. Still no room to have a permanent dining table and chairs.

Not decided on what we will have other than out two electric armchairs. We are thinking of one of those corner sofa things so guests have somewhere to sit.

I had to bath and groom out MG last evening and she is banned form going out at all now whilst the weather is wet. Pussy, with her enormous coat, is dirty but not matted or even knotted! I am still going to bathe her shortly tho. Meaning within the hour.

We were on our way out to Ely but I suddenly felt the need to away from people and be at home so I turned around and came home. John doesn't seem to mind when I do this. He knows when I am having an 'episode'. Don't ask me what this is because I don't know. I just get the overwhelming need to be alone and at home. It has happened whilst we have been away and only the impossibility of me driving back home on the spot has kept me there. I have found my hotel suffices for home now. I go through periods of just wanting to stay in, not talk to anyone or see anyone. I think it's either a part of PTSD or just needing to re-charge. Whatever, I do as I feel I must. I try to force the issue with myself when it comes to dog shows but I have been known to miss them to. They are a really big deal for me even when feeling strong and looking forward to it. I get 'morning sickness. the day of the show until I get there and settle. Last year at Southern Counties it didn't pass and I was indeed sick. Thankfully my lovely friend, Sarah Hattrell, took care of me until I was sick and the nausea had passed.

I had my hair cut today. I waited longer than I needed to because I didn't want it done by a particular young lady. This made me feel bad because it is hard for it not to appear personal. However, I physically am having a rough time and any touch can hurt. I knew that the young woman who I waited for understood and all I had to say was that my head was bruised all over and she did her job as gently as could. I only winced once.

At Panini's they have art on display on the walls by local artists. I bought a painting of a black and tan mini smooth Dachshund. I don't especially care for the breed, but this painting I thought was really good. 

Well, that is about it today. The dogs need feeding. Pussy needs bathing. I need a new body or maybe just a good shag....

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Iris said...

The painting is lovely. I do like the breed, at least most of the time. My sister, once, had a basset hound named Aggie - Baggy Aggie. Now, that breed, although very sweet and well behaved just was a mess - oily skin and ears that smelled bad, even more than most long eared varieties. She, truly, was sweet, though. I really do need to blog again, but have had a problem with eye irritation that makes me stay away from the monitor.