Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I do not feel good this morning, tearful. Stupid. I went and told the woman with the barking dog that she MUST take her in when she knows mine are out and hers is barking it's head off. She of course denied she just left her to bark. We did not argue though. I introduced myself shook hands and left. Hopefully this will be the end. I think i did it, finally, because we decided not to move so I HAD to address this problem. I am NOT losing my dogs because some twat can't or won't control hers. 

Then I have been  playing with my Macs. Now my iMac has 1tb and my MacBookPro 500gb. Far more than i will ever need. So I thought. To my horror there is 42gb left on my MacBookPro and iMac has less than 100gb left! So i am busy trying to see what is taking up so much space, putting the files on external drives. And then seeing what can be deleted. I am like I am with my house-I hoard and don't delete 'in case'. I have a drive that has died and I was going to take it to the shop to get it rescued. I have no idea what is on it. I have decided that I will not get it rescued. If I don't know what is on it, then so what?

I have also got my two macs to talk to each other and I can use the screen of the upstairs imac down here on my Pro. i have moved the music streamer to connect upstairs as the imac is more powerful. Now i play my music from upstairs controlling it downstairs. AMAZING! 

Right now Adele's 21 is on LOUD to try and drown out the drilling going on next door-for the 3rd day in a row. All day long. I think they are having the house rewired or something.

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Iris said...

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} I usually hate these little emoti-things but it seems appropriate today.

Move your video files to hard drives and/or write them to DVD's. I know you (and I) no longer trust online or automatic backup thingies, but remember that ALL electronic media will degrade and/or fail after time. So, if you're going to take the time to write DVD's, write more than one and check them every now and then. As you know, my photos were nearly lost. I have too many of them to keep on my computer and am dealing with your very same issue.

More HUGS!