Thursday, March 22, 2012


July 7th this year is John's and my 31st anniversary. It is also the day we legally wed. At present, it is called Civil Partnership but this conservative Government has stated that by 2015, Civil Marriage will be legal for same sex couples and that we can, if we choose, 'convert' our CP to CM. We will of course do that.

This conservative Government says they are doing. This to end the blatant discrimination against gay and transgendered people. YET, it still will not allow it to take place in a religious ceremony. This is blatant discrimination still. There ARE churches and non Xian religions who WANT to marry same sex and transgendered people so they should be allowed to. NO ONE is suggesting a church be forced to.

Naturally, the bigots are out in force, claiming God is on their side. This of course is utter nonsense. They have no validity whatsoever for their belief. No more so than a person who decides to live according to way of life set down by J K Rowling in Harry Potter.

I find the idea of men and women having sex together repulsive. I also find the idea of two women having sex together to be repulsive. I am honest about that. I do not claim some book makes me think it! It is natural for me to feel this way. I would not seek to stop lesbians making love nor men and women making love. Nor would I try and hide my personal distaste for these acts of love in under the guise of moral superiority. People who are anti gay are anti gay not because of what is outside of them, like a book or some other person's view, but because of their own inner disgust. THAT I can understand. The disgust I mean because of the reason already given. I therefore do not think about lesbian sex or heterosexual sex! What I do not understand, nor accept, is them following through with this feeling to criminlis or marginalise or otherwise treat gay people as less than human.

These people will just have to grow up and become honest with themselves. It will happen. It will be called Marriage and it will be held up officially by society as every bit as valuable as marriage between a woman and a man.

In closing, those who site religion as their reason for treating gays as less than are liars. They follow their religion because it suits what they already think! If that wasn't so they'd do what any person of conscience does - they reject their religion!


Iris said...

Why, oh why, can we not remember that we are animals. I know the "Bible" and other religious "texts" say otherwise. Bull. We have base desires and, to be honest, if a "god" made us this way to "test" us, it's just plain stupid and cruel. I agree with you that governments just don't "get it." They are bound to cowtow to the religious because the people who make them are just plain scared to do otherwise. After all, what if they're wrong? Fools.

Kerry said...

Congratulations to you both!!!

The Cat Lady said...

Frankly, I'd like to congratulate you and your Love on 31 years together. When you consider that over 50% of hetero marriages end in divorce, I'd like to honor you as well. It takes a lot to keep a relationship alive and well for that long. I say to those who would denigrate you, "Mind your own business! Can you do better? I'll bet not!"

Anyhow, enjoy your upcoming marriage. You deserve it and have earned it. (hugs)