Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I just wrote out the instructions for my Andersson Heel Mach II (revised). They've been posted to my group. I have used this revised heel for a long time so it was time I wrote it down.

Last night bed was yuk a lot of pain and I didn't get up for swimming as I had finally slept sitting up. I ought to have gone swimming regardless. Instead I took enough morphine and went for a walk. As expected, the pain subsided as I walked and the pills did their job. Pillock!!! I forgot that even without the pain I was asking for trouble and sure enough I got jelly legs and thought I was going to have call for help to get home. I didn't- I made it home and have been sat on my bum for the last 4 hours. Stubborn git. So I just have to be sure to get up for the pool no matter how I sleep. I can always go back to bed.

Still, during this 4 hours I have sorted out the sound on my music playback program which streams to the hifi. It's a bugger. Sometimes I long for a simple base and treble since I have no idea what Hi or Lo shelf, or HiPass or Lo Pass or Parametric or Emph or RIAA or Notch are! However, through farting about I get an idea what they do and I now have it sounding the way I liker it to sound. Using Room Node-50hz and all 4 doodahs set High Shelf and the 3 slidy things for each of the 4 were slid about until I got what i wanted. A sound engineer I am not but this sounds good to me.


marilyn said...

Good evening Colin...sorry that you had a blip this morning; we live and learn all the time. Good for you for resting, better late than never.
The knitting and hi-fi doo-daahs and thingammy-jigs, sliding wotsits and all that technical stuff goes right over my head....
I used to listen with my grandparents to classical music on the Third programme(I the fifties!) as a child; on an old wooden-cased radio whose dials squeeked when you turned it on.

marilyn said...

...and music has never sounded so beautiful since...(poor old sod).
Lots of love
Marilyn xx

Annie said...

What group? And how do I join it?