Monday, January 16, 2012


I was training the puppies to walk on a lead. 

A woman came along with her largish terrier loose-off the lead. I immediately stood in front of my puppy and when made noises for the terrier to go. He ignored me and as he got closer I moved my walking stick toward him which he promptly walked into.The woman all the while was saying 'he won't hurt it'. 

I personally don't give a f*ck! She should have had the dog on the lead, it's the law, and she should have called him off as soon as she realised he was approaching a little puppy (or any dog). 

She reacted to me as if i had been really unbelievably mean bad I bet she went home and said some awful man hit her dog! I said nothing to her at all because I would have been very rude. I just said NO loudly a few times, to no avail, to the dog. 

The dog seemed like a really nice chap, well cared for, handsome but he should NOT have been off the lead. 
In marked contrast to the woman walking her Pit Bull who as soon as she saw me and puppy she crossed the road. Now that is a RESPONSIBLE dog owner. The dog just eyed his breakfast as he went past forlornly.

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Yarnhog said...

It makes me crazy when people let their dogs off lead on the street. Just because THEIR dog is friendly doesn't mean MINE is! One of my dogs (an 85 pound Shepherd-Husky mix) does not like other male dogs and absolutely will react to a male dog running up to him. Since I walk with two large Shepherd mixes (on leash and at heel), I really resent having to keep another well-meaning but clueless dog from getting eaten when it runs up!