Sunday, January 15, 2012


I had an excellent night.

In Lidl yesterday they were selling the pillows I often see in German hotels. They are about 5 ft long. I have always put them on the floor and just used my memory foam pillow which I take whenever I am sleeping away. Anyway, the blurb on the packing said 'offers support for side sleepers' and I knew immediately what they meant. I sleep on my side and usually put the duvet between my legs. Not last night. I used my new pillow. I slept for a whole 5 hours without waking and when I did I was in the same position as when I settled. Such a simple aid and it works very well for me.

It is still very cold out. -1c. Stuff os frozen white. I prefer this to damp and grey which makes me hurt more. I got my layering right yesterday and i was only just beginning top feel the cold after being out for 3 hours. My feet not at all.

One of the girls, Ada or Pussy, is going to come into season judging from the way everyone is behaving. It appears to be Ada they keeping sniffing but her fanny looks completely normal. I think they give an indication weeks before their season. If it is Ada, I shall breed her.

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