Saturday, January 14, 2012


I had a very strange experience today. I am still not sure what I think about it. 

A security guard in a shop we were in spoke to me when I said 'hello' as I rode by in my wh/chair. We got chatting and he eventually asked me what had happened to me, pointing to my wheelchair. 

I realised he thought I had had an accident. I said 'no I have a neurological problem' having no wish to list my ills! He then said 'I hope you get well soon' and I responded that I wouldn't get well and will likely get worse. 

His response is what has left me ...I cannot think of a word that describes how I feel. He got really upset and said he would pray for me. I told him I was happy and it could be very much worse. I told him how good my life is and how I would not want to go back. He was still upset and he then said 'you are far too nice to have this'. 

I have never ever had a reaction like this from anyone, let alone a total stranger. He was Indian and spoke Urdu (we chatted for quite a while). He clearly was an empathetic man. 

I know I react in similar ways which is why i am careful what I watch or read and I also tend to keep myself more protected. I found myself trying to comfort this stranger! trying to tell him how it really isn't that bad, I do really have a good life. This is one of those encounters I shall never forget.

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marilyn said...

Hi Colin.
What a powerful and thought provoking encounter.
I beleive that in life we meet who we are meant to meet.
Sometimes the briefest connections can be amongst the most profound experiences that we ever have.
You say that you'll never forget...and I'm sure that he won't either.
It seems to me that this was a deep soul to soul meeting, echoing from far in the past.
Lots of love to you both
Speak soon
Marilyn xxx