Thursday, November 04, 2010


There is a well known columnist and political writer in this country named Melanie Phillips. I cannot say I have ever warmed to her because she looks extremely mean spirited. I have until today tried not let her pinched mean looks affect my view of her. Today, because I saw her yet again on the BBC, I decided to Google her.

I got a very upsetting shock. Not so much surprised her looks suit her but that WE pay her for her vile views.

She is a right wing fundamentalist Jew. I was astounded to the point of tears that this woman can hold such evil in her heart and be PAID with OUR money!

Whilst she rightly condemns those who wish to crush Israel and rid the world of Jews, she at the same time wishes to do the same to homosexuals! She believes we are evil and are intent upon bringing about the fall of Western civilisation.

This woman also believes President Obama is a Muslim.

There is NO WAY that the historian David Irving, a Holocaust Denier, would be regularly paid by the BBC to appear as a talking head on their programs so why is this woman with her equally vile lies and bigotry?

I just do not understand how someone can be so hypocritical, hold such vile views, and not be able to see themselves. How can she not see she holds the very views that she condemns in others? It would seem because her motive is steeped in wickedness and if she truly saw herself, she would not be able to live with it, so she lives with denial. Like those she condemns.

(She is also a Creationist but denies it and calls it Intelligent Design and says ID is the enemy of Creationism!!! Oh, needless to say atheists and Druids are also out to destroy society!)

I was going to call this post 'Heartbreak' because that is how this bleeding heart liberal feels about this. People like her, the Tea Party, Westboro Baptists, Muslim fundies, Jewish fundies, ALL of them, bring to mind people burning at the stake. I hear their cries of agony, see their terrible plight and see these people watching and feeling self righteous. Evil truly does spring from US and it is time we stopped blaming it on a discarnate being.

The real danger to civilisation are people such as this woman and other fundies, right or left.


Margie said...

Sadly, I agree with you, Colin. The election results has me very worried for the net several years in this country. I can only hope that this "fundamentalist" hate that is spreading over the world will soon collapse from the weight of the hate of its proponants!

MsB said...

I am a Tea Party person, and not a nut.

Unknown said...

Just a brief perusal of your blog clearly shows you are, MsB. Unless you prefer the 'evil' label.